HIV Testing Questions & Answers

Why should I get Tested for HIV at the M4Project?

  • Young men who have sex with men are at higher risk for contracting HIV

  • A lot of misinformation exists about HIV/AIDS, transmission, risk factors, and current treatment options

  • M4 Staff are trained on the most up-to-date HIV and sexual health information to provide individuals with the most comprehensive care

  • The M4Project offers flexible testing hours, a confidential setting for men and their partners to get tested, and a network of local resources.

  • Newer antiretroviral (ARV) treatments are often started sooner rather than later, as doing so may drastically limit negative effects of HIV on the body

  • Knowing your status helps you make decisions to stay well and limit transmission to others

How Can I tell if have HIV?

The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), roughly 1 in 5 people infected with HIV don't know they have it.

What is a rapid HIV test?

A rapid HIV test detects the process of HIV antibodies and generates results in 20 minutes. When performed correctly, rapid HIV test are over 99% accurate. 

What happens during HIV testing?

Specially trained M4Project staff members take a few drops of blood from your finger. During the test, your counselor will answer any questions you might have about risky behaviors and suggest ways you can protect yourself and others in the future. 

After 20 minutes, you will receive your test results. A non-reactive test result (outside the window period) is a confirmed negative. Reactive test results must be confirmed before a formal positive diagnosis can be given. 

Please not that staff reserve the right to deny an HIV test and/or the results of an HIV test if they feel the outcome of the test might endanger the individual and/or others.

Will the M4Project protect my privacy?

The M4Project, as well as other programs of the Southern Tier AIDS Program, provide confidential HIV Testing. This means that, during testing, M4Project staff will collect information like your name, address, and contact information. Strict federal and state confidentiality laws guard this information. The fact that you receive and HIV test, as well as the results of that test, are protected and will not be shared with others like your friends and family. Anonymous HIV testing is available through the Department of Health and on select days at other Southern Tier AIDS Program locations. Counselors performing anonymous tests that produce reactive results will ask you to disclose your name and other personal information as part of the confirmatory testing; individuals cannot access HIV treatment information and services without a formal HIV diagnosis.

What are the benefits of Confidential HIV testing at the M4Project?

  • To best maintain your confidentiality, walk-in testing at the M4project is offered on Monday 3pm-7pm, Tuesday 3pm-7pm, Thursday 1pm-4pm, Friday 1pm-4pm, or by appointment.  (call 607-651-9175 to schedule an appointment)
  • Confidential testing helps the M4project staff identify other needs that may not be identified during anonymous testing. This allowing us the opportunity to provide you with additional resources like STD/STI screening, mental health resources, support groups, etc. 
  • Our center is intimate, preventing the potential discomfort of sitting in an unfamiliar waiting room with others.

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